Skiing area - Facts

Obergurgl and Hochgurgl are called the "Diamonds of the Alps". Thanks to 100% guaranteed snow you can ski in Obergurgl and Hochgurgl from mid of November until the end of April!

Facts about the skiing area

Top mountain star - Obergurgl

Skischule Exclusiv...

...the ski school in Obergurgl where professional private lessons are guaranteed!

  1. Only local ski instructors, mountain and ski guides with top qualifications work for us.
  2. Our ski school offers pirvate lessons for alpine skiers of all ages and ability levels, deep snow skiing courses, freeride courses, ski moountaineering tours and snowshoe hikes.
  3. Your are in safe hands with our experienced staff.
Team - Skischule Exclusiv in Obergurgl

We are looking forward to being able to teach you the right technique and to introducing you to the fun of skiing in one of the most beautiful ski areas of Austria.


Ski Exclusiv Team